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This community is for those that love the deserts to share their photographic skills.


1) Please make all photos 1280X640 or smaller.
2) When posting more than 2 photos, please use the LJ cut tag.
3) If the photo is larger than 1280X640 then link to the original photo.
4) All photos must have desert theme in them. Please indicate where the photo was taken.
5) Anything that might be considered offensive please put behind LJ, if not it will be deleted without warning. However you may repost as long as it is behind a cut and people are warned it may be offensive to view or "not work safe".
6) Nudity is OK but please keep it simple and tasteful. No pornography or sexually explicit material. Remember, this is a DESERT PHOTO community so we're not really interested in pictures of you anyway! If there are people in your photo that's fine but it should be in desert somewhere.

Any questions, problems & suggestions contact me (mmmmjournal) or give me an email kiwannabee@hotmail.com.

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Thank you and have fun!


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